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Jul 20, 2022

The vision for Ideas and Insights Consulting, LLC: & Blood Sugar Dogs, or Karin C Coaching is that we share our passion for ideas and health with people and help them live extraordinary lives despite blood sugar challenges.

We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo and yet we are determined to envision and strive to make the world a better place.

Being an innovation and ideation-focused company, we care about leveraging the right people, ideas, and tools for the best results and are open to implementing creative solutions and culture or market-disrupting concepts.

We support and collaborate our endeavors from the top down, so they can reach their full potential and succeed. We value differences and emphasize inclusiveness within our organization. These are the core pillars of my work at Blood Sugar Dogs and Ideas and Insights.

I make sure to have input and advice from the wisest, most compassionate, the best. 

At Ideas and Insights, dba Blood Sugar Dogs Coaching authenticity and collaboration are the keys to the best outcome for all.

We view every person’s contribution equally and encourage discussion and debate no matter your title. We are open to new ideas and encourage all of our employees to drive innovation at our company. 

Core Values and Principles serve as a guide for our actions. The values are Accountability, Authenticity, Collaboration, Commitment to Quality, Creating Trust, Transparency, Integrity, Enthusiasm/Passion.  

Accountability: At Ideas and Insights we always follow through on our commitments. We stand behind our work and take responsibility for our actions. 

Authenticity: We are committed to authenticity (or living in alignment with our truth) as a core value; it is the truth at the heart of what we do. We encourage everyone to bring their truth and best self. Speaking honestly from their inner guide and bring your best thinking.

Collaboration: We encourage our employees and leadership to have a collaborative mindset and leverage our collective genius. Through synergy and teamwork, we solve some of the most difficult problems facing channel professionals. 

Commitment to Quality: We don’t cut corners. Every aspect of our technology has the highest stringent quality standards. We don’t implement anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Creating Trust: We focus on building a strong relationships with our customers and collaborators. This means sticking to our word and exceeding expectations. 

Enthusiasm/Passion: We love what we do. We’re excited to come to work every day and excited at the possibility of driving revenue for our customers.

Integrity: Adherence to stringent ethical standards and a commitment to fairness and honesty are the backbones of our company DNA. Our team, as a whole, works to set the standard for the industry.


Transparency: Another component to trust is transparency. We are an open book. We remain open and transparent with our employees, partners, and customers.


2000+ Hour Advanced Yoga Therapist | Blood Sugar Specialist | Priestess | Systems Thinker | Personality Hacker | Blood Sugar Coach & Business and Financial Wellness and Success Coach.

Ideas and Insights Consulting + 

Trust: We focus on building a solid relationship with our clients, customers, and consultants. This means sticking to our word and exceeding expectations. I am committed to authenticity as a core value, and it is the truth at the heart of what we do.  


Transparency: Another component to trust is transparency. We are an open book. We remain honest and transparent with our partners and customers.