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Relationships Affect Blood Sugar

May 31, 2020

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Relationships are a source of growth and challenge and even they affect blood sugar.

We must navigate the challenge by embodying the turning twists. Yoga helps.

I say I'm making banana nut muffins. It's a gift, an expression of love.

I offer to do a yoga practice with you.

You say that you will not do yoga with me until the fall when you "know what your body needs, strength-wise" (My mind thinks: Insensitive, disinterested, passive-aggressive. purposely to hurt me? No love? I feel hurt and tension rise - and my blood sugar. I shut down and say or offer no more words - and my heart aches.)

Then he says, "What's the matter with you?"

"After you just shot me down, yet again?" want to say.

It may just be the difference in identity or personality: INTJ<> INFP, Male <>Female?? Ceres in the 5th house <> Ceres somewhere else.

From now on I choose to let it go. I will do yoga on my own, in the morning, or with my friends who love yoga.

He doesn't even realize what a jerk he comes off as!